What French Women Know -Debra Ollivier

I am reading "What French Women Know- About Love, Sex, and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind" by Debra Ollivier for the 2nd time. This book dives into the French Women's mind..that cultural 'knowing' that women from France seem to have that is so intriguing. Ollivier covers all aspects of our lives and shows the differences, good and maybe not so good, between us North American women and our Sisters across the Waters.

Today I read Chapter 5 called Nature. These ideas hit home with me this morning, in particular the French Women's take on aging.
Ollivier writes '.., it is not to say that they move away from their feminine centers as they age. On the contrary, they continue to enjoy that culture of seduction with its vanities, while remaining "lucid" about the inevitability of age. In France there is less concern about "fixing" Mother Nature or human nature, because you don't "fix" yourself in France-you cultivate yourself."

Cultivating Self...what a gorgeous plan!

So today I will go for my morning walk because I want to connect with Nature on a beautiful Autumn day. I will work on my Brain Course because I really enjoy learning. I will clean the hamster cages because our weekend plan to clean them went sideways and I love those little critters. I will cultivate my Inner Self rather than 'get today perfect'. That feels much better.

Flo enjoying Autumn


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