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I am the oldest sister, and my focus is on Environmental Responsibility, Feminism and writing fiction. My wonderful husband and I are raising our five kids in London, Ontario. We are: Car-free since 2015, Vegetarian since 2013, Vegan since 2015, and our new challenge is going Zero Waste. I love LOTR, Harry Potter, Wheel of Time, Outlander and many other genres of books/worlds. I also love fall and winter and all things warm and cozy.

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My name is Debbie and I'm the 2nd sister. My personal focus is on Whole-ness of Body, Mind and Spirit, enjoying this life's journey of becoming My Best Self. I married a Great Guy in 2000 and am the mother of 4 beautiful and busy children, living in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I follow an Earth-based spiritual practice that is incorporated into all aspects of my life. We strive to maintain a Sugar-free home - it's challenging!- and are working towards a Whole Food, Plant Based lifestyle - also challenging!

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And I'm...the last one!
I am an artistan for business and pleasure.  You will often find me tackling projects that are down and dirty.  I reside in Saskatoon, SK with what you might call 'unconfirmed bachelorette' status with big dreams and grand plans! I'll admit, I have an addiction to sugary sweets, take-out and Netflix.  It's the little things that make me happy - fluffy socks, warm mittens and a walk to Timmies for an extra delicious Iced Cappuccino.
All these together make for a perfect Northern day!

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