NAILED-IT Challenge #3: Christmas!

Welcome to challenge#3 - the Christmas edition!! Although November is a lovely month, we passed over a monthly challenge and headed straight into the holidays - YAY! Lucky me, because I was able to choose something that I have wanted to do for a long time, and haven't taken the time to try - a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!

Now, I sent my pick to the ladies at the beginning of November so that they would have time to tackle this gem and they have accepted my request. (although I'm finally doing this post in December. Oops!)

I also gave a few guidelines on the matter:
1. It needs to look as much like the picture as possible.
2. It does not have to be made of gingerbread or edible at all!
3. It cannot be made of cardboard (sorry Carla).

This may seam a bit overwhelming when we get into it, but trust me, it's tame compared to some of gingerbread mansions I was drawn to while searching!

Good luck ladies, and may the ginger-strength be with you!!


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