NAILED IT Challenge #1


Well, my attempt to record our first Coffee Chat wherein we introduce both ourselves and our first Nailed-it Challenge was a fail. I listened to it days later and only my voice was recorded, which meant an awful lot of silence pierced randomly by my horrifyingly loud laughter. It made sense in the chat! Really! Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy our first challenge. I found it on Pinterest, sent the link to Debbie and Lisa, and they accepted so ... here it is!

Oh my!

My original pick was um, quite a bit more complicated but after Henry's Batman Cake Fiasco a couple weeks ago, I lost my confidence entirely. This looked sufficiently complicated, but with less tiers and fondant sculpturing!

Debbie? What do you think?

Wow!! It is a Gorgeous cake!! Very fitting for Autumn....I hope to do it justice - with a few tweaks! I am going to attempt to recreate this masterpiece REFINED SUGAR FREE 😀 I think I've got the icing part figured out in my head but not really sure how I'm going to do the leaves and tree portion..can you mold coconut cream into that shape???

How about you, Lisa?

First off...agreed, it is gorgeous! I think I may have unrealistically high expectations of our creative ability so I can't wait to attempt this and see the reality!!  I can foresee the first obstacle in my way is the shape...I don't have any conventional round pans hahaha.  I'm going to have to improvise there.  Due to time constraints, I may cheat and use a boxed cake for this challenge and focus all the attention to the decoration.  Can't wait to see your Progress and After photos ladies!!! Good luck all 😀

1 thought on “NAILED IT Challenge #1

  1. Hey Deb, you might try almond paste for the leaves…don’t know if that fits in with your parameters, just a thought.

    Good luck girls, looking forward to your successes!

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