Lisa’s Challenge#4 Results

Procrastination to deliciousness!!

Well first off, sorry that it took me so long to complete
this challenge!  I know it was meant to
be a nice relaxing challenge, but man I had a mental block for it!

If Carla had simply said, make a hot chocolate, I could have
pulled out the package I have stashed in the cupboard for guests, popped in a
couple marshmellows and called it a day ;D 
The vegan twist made me work a little harder in the kitchen (which is
not my forte).

A little recipe hunting online, and bam, here we are.  The hot chocolate was definetly the success here.  My salted caramel was possibly runnier than
water, and my ‘whipped cream’ was Ninja’d almond milk and icing sugar.... ok, I
totally improvised here, but it gave me a nice head of foam to dollop on
top.  Which reminds me, I better ‘stir it
before the foam settles’.

I’m willing to not finish topside in this January (gulp,
February) challenge, so good luck sisters on first and second place 😀

All in all, this was a flop that flipped into a very nice
treat on another -34’c evening.  Welcome
to Saskatchewan folks.


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