Lisa’s Challenge#2 Results

Wow, what an interesting challenge!!  Thanks Deb....hahaha

I think I spent about three times the time thinking about how to attempt this and making a plan, than the actual time spent creating it!  Oooh what fun 😀   My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to spend on this little beauty – but I’m pretty proud of it none the less.  I know Deb thinks she’s won this round, so I can’t wait to see what the girls have come up with!!

Thankfully I had most of the supplies on hand for this, and only needed to buy some air dry clay to do the pages on the book (total cost about $10).

I started by doing something that may seem a bit bizarre, I drilled a hole in the book pages on each side and screwed in some screws to hold the pages down – not wanting to glue down the every page for strength – time saver!!.  Then I went outside and spray painted the book and the tree twig from my backyard white for an extra added feature ;D

Using polymer clay for the bones on the fingers with a wire stem for strength, I made each finger individually.  I laughed a lot during this process!  Baking them separately (not wanting to put the book in the oven) created its own challenges.  They turned out to be almost all the same length...just like real fingers, right?!?  Why do I keep having trouble with fingers, or things that look like fingers?  LOL ‘Well, they’ll just have to work’ I told myself and set them aside!

After rolling out the air dry clay on wax paper and cutting the edges square to match the book, I pulled out my grand stash of rubber stamps and ink, and started my super spells!!  That really was the most fun.  Part truth, part inside joke, those were fun to create!!  I set them over the pages of the actual book to dry overnight so they would have the right curve to them.  The next day, I set out to assemble the parts and add a few extra touches.  I used some sparkly nail polish to add some highlights to the page impressions, and hot glue fixed the clay pages, fingers and twig in place.

I signed my piece with one of my blackberry onyx spiders and called it a day!!   One last feature is only visible in the piece de resistance!!  NAILED-IT!!

Bring it on ladies!!!


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