Debbie’s Challenge #4 Results

We have experienced extremely cold weather this winter and on a No Buses Running -47C day, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate was just fitting!

This challenge started with an “Oh, I got this!” confident with a smug look sort of attitude that lasted right up until the cup was filled….and the whipped coconut cream plopped straight to the bottom of the hot chocolate.

It began so well…I decided on 3 layers: hot chocolate, salted caramel sauce and whipped cream. The Vegan Caramel Sauce  (from called for date paste which is super easy and delicious (I used the one from Simply blend dates with the water they are soaked in! The paste lasts several weeks in the fridge, so I’m dipping into it whenever I need just a smidgen of sweet. I added extra sea salt until it tasted ‘right’. And gosh darnit, it was yummy!

The Hot Chocolate recipe was from the side of a long-gone cocoa powder tin. I substituted coconut sugar for white sugar and added cocoa powder. Some water mixed in and warmed until it was a lovely smooth paste and then added coconut cream. I make Coconut Whipped Cream with cans of coconut cream that have been refridgerated overnight (at least!) blended with maple syrup and vanilla to taste – so good!

The Salted Hot Chocolate was a decadent dark chocolate colour, rich and thick…unfortunately, too thick and rich for any of us to drink! While it tasted good, it was just too sweet and TOO MUCH chocolate – something I never thought I would experience. The sinking of coconut whipped cream really ruined the visual I was trying to create. It just ended up looking messy *sigh* and most of it ended up down the drain.So I poured a glass of wine and ate 4 cowboy cookies..not a completely wasted day after all 😉


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