Debbie’s Challenge #3 Results

Challenge #3 – Gingerbread House

I was very greatful that Lisa gave us our Christmas/Holiday Challenge early November because we had booked a family holiday in December to celebrate our son’s upcoming High School Graduation. With the general crazy-busy holiday festivities before and after our trip, I knew my time to create was limited. It was a good thing too - this project took up many evening hours!!

When Lisa sent me the picture of the Gingerbread House, with the ‘Edible or Non-Edible, but NO CARDBOARD’ parameters, I rubbed my hands together gleefully – “Non-Edible It Is!”

Maintaining our white sugar-free lifestyle is monstrously hard at the Holidays. The abundance of sweets from school, gatherings, generous friends and family is part of the fun of the Holidays and I relax my rules quite a bit. However, I try not to add any more sugar than necessary!

So what could I use to create the Gingerbread House? I thought of felt, which I had already, but I just didn’t feel like that would be special enough. I wanted a project that I would feel happy to bring out year after year.  I decided on KNITTING…a skill I learned this year! So far, I had only produced dishcloths with varying degrees of success…

But the Challenge was Accepted and I was determined to make this House cute!

I used an online Gingerbread Cookie pattern and printed it out to what I hoped was the right size. Then I just started knitting! I had to create all the pieces and simply eye-balled as I was going to make sure they would match up. I’m sure there are plenty of knitting patterns online, but I don’t actually know how to properly read them (the dishcloth one was confusing enough!) so I just went for it!

I found the perfect Gingerbread coloured yarn from Michael’s, embroidery thread, green yarn and beads from previous projects, and Red Buttons from Wal-Mart. Polyester filling and a piece of Styrofoam packaging from an appliance recently purchased created a soft but sturdy House. Trying to keep the House true to the picture that Lisa sent was not as simple as I thought – those dormer windows weren’t easy to get right!

Overall, I think I did pretty good, although I totally underestimated the amount of time it would take to knit and put together!! I’m sure the Sisters did a beautiful job on their Gingerbread Houses….but if there’s a prize for Time Spent Creating – I’m the Winner!





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