A Green Thumb Journey

Growing up in a home with a mother who could seemingly grow anything - whether from seed or snipping, was an amazing thing. And her mother had clearly passed down her talent, because her apartment balcony was filled to the brim (and blooming over) with bright colored flowers and deliciously fresh aromas. Long since passed, there is nothing that brings me back to grandmas tight hugs, big kisses and soft cheeks quicker than a walk past a full summer garden.
This must mean that growing flowers and gardens is genetic right? Wrong! Oh so wrong (insert hanging head emoji here). Turns out this is a lifelong journey for me with a 'win some, lose some' sort of battle.
I was once cruelly mocked for saying "...I tried to keep the plant alive, but I don't have green fingers!!"
What chance do you have when you can't even get the saying right?!? I guess if you're a naturally gifted grower like my mom and grandma, you only need a thumb that's green!
Slowly, and with lots of practice, I hope to someday reach the level of grace in growing that I wish I had simply inherited from my maternal side.
Last summer, I spent a great amount of time outside with a plan to give the front walkway a much needed face lift. I cut down large hedges, re-configured the area layout, built planters and finally set about growing the most beautiful annuals and perennials from the discount bin of the local garden center.
But, as most Northern growers have experienced, the harsh winters and unpredictable frosts can have an effect on your most brilliant attempts. With spring now in the air and the snow slowly melting away, my small plants are re-emerging in the most glorious shades of dead brown.
As I wait and hope they are just sleeping...and will return to the glorious greens I remember so dearly in the pictures on which I reflect upon...I'll prepare my backup plan of hitting up the local garden center once more and try again this year.
I'll be adding new phases to this journey as they come to pass and
you watch, these hands will turn green yet!!

After picture of Lisa's revamped walkway

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