NAILED-IT Challenge #4: Blue Monday

Happy New Year!

Well, ladies. This is a late challenge, so I am going to keep it very simple. It's mid-winter, post-Christmas, and, in this house at least, hot on the heels of a couple weeks solid of a nasty cold doing its rounds. In fact, in honour of Blue Monday on January 21st – aka The Most Depressing Day of the Year – I figured it was time for a little luxury!

My challenge to you is the perfect cup of Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. My challenge to you, Lisa, is to make it vegan.

Here is an example from the blog 'Lifted Dish':

Image result for vegan salted caramel hot chocolate

Since we won't be able to try each others creations, this challenge is going to weigh heavily on presentations to make the other participants drool!

Good Luck and Have fun!